dirty hands are happy hands. this kind of dirty is therapeutical. doing some gardening coming back from work helps one to refocuse somehow, to feel a kind of tranquility in the methodic, organic movements of making the plants’ life happier. the sight of living things struggling to grow amazes me all the time.

there are so many kinds of gardens. but the best kind you can find all around you – people growing, developing, blooming. some need more help than others. some need more “weeding” done, others are easily taken care of. we do all need gardeners in this process, to make it more beautiful, more meaningful.


5 thoughts on “

  1. que palavras tão bonitas e que me encantam, especialmente a segunda parte.
    não resisto e vou passá-las para a minha agenda como tua citação. gosto! ♥

  2. e as conversas que travas com elas, plantas?

    plantas, pessoas, cada uma necessita de um cuidado singular e amoroso. hum… as segundas são mais complexas, mas os jardins que não se vêm são por vezes os mais valiosos.


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