i’m not a fan of orange-chocolate mixtures but i made a little exception for this cake because it just looked so appealing on the latest country living and because i wanted something a little fancier for T’s birthday. i loved the texture but would definetly leave out the orange.

it seems i can’t escape melancholic tunes. they haunt me. [via today’s letters – always a good source of new music]

this blog.

these houses.

this project based on a favorite animation film. and, well, i confess that all the geekness emanating from the front man also makes me smile.

p.s.: the silly t-shirt you can find on ebay as i did or here. this one’s fun too. neat private jokes for fans of the tv series.

[photo credit: jónatas luzia]


2 thoughts on “

  1. yep, leave the orange out! :P mas a parte de cima era… delicious! :)

    it was very good to be with you both ;)

    (depois quando tiveres mais revistas… vou vê-las muahahah)

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