simply ten good things*

a shared walk through the neighborhood.

a thunderstorm night. again.

having two little sunbeams over.

sweet memories from a week ago.

watching things grow around the house.

falling in love with this sustainable  life project.

kind words from faraway friends.

making ice cream.

learning to wait.

night birds’ songs.

* prompted by amanda soule.


9 thoughts on “simply ten good things*

  1. Há pessoas que fascinam o mundo.. Mas as que me inspiram são as que conheço ao vivo e a cores a sua forma de viver, e tu sem dúvida és uma delas. You’re awesome!

  2. olha vinha comentar, mas depois de ler o comentário da inês, não há mais nada que possa dizer lol ela ganhou! voto nela! :P

    beijinhos às duas encantadoras meninas*

    1. i have 2 germinating. one already had its roots forming when i opened it. the other just started peeking about 2 days ago : )
      it helps if you remove some of the skin from the bottom part.

      it takes a while… be patient : )
      but some seeds just don’t germinate.

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