sweet Karim

met my cousin’s sweet baby boy. she’s living in wales and is back here for a few weeks. that’s her helping Karim try out the crochet diaper cover i made him.

it’s hard when family members live far away. missing out on special moments and always feeling like a part of you is elsewhere. lately i’ve been thinking a lot about this… does ‘growing up’ mean growing phisically apart (whatever the circumstances may be)? that kind of scares me. on the other hand, some dreams eventually mean that you have to take that chance and find support on loved ones, no matter what. after all, there are ties stronger than any distance.


2 thoughts on “sweet Karim

  1. este triste “facto” tem estado comigo já há muito, de uma forma mais especial durante esta semana. que vontade terrível de ser pequena outra vez!

    vamos lá ver se a menina não se muda para nenhum local distante, sim?

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