365grateful project

sometimes we forget.  it’s easy to look on the other side of the fence and feel that there’s always something lacking, weather emotionally or materialy. so, it’s good to remember what to be grateful for. a friend of mine has a beautiful expression to sumarize the whole idea of being grateful and happier as a consequence – the economy of contentment. being satisfied and happy with what we have, no matter what it is, is an exercise that we all should practice.

i’m starting a personal project, inspired by the famous 365grateful by Hailey Bartholomew. there have been numerous people following on her footsteps. instead of photography i’m using a pencil (or watercolors, or ink or whatever i feel like using on paper). a drawing a day for 365 days. probably i won’t share them all here, but i’ll share some : )


8 thoughts on “365grateful project

  1. começaste primeiro… vou começar em Dezembro, altura em que espero finalmente comprar o papel para a polaroid.
    bom recordar as bençãos e as pequenas coisas, gestos, pelos quais podemos agradecer, que passam tantas vezes despercebidas.

  2. :) eu comecei este ano assim, escrevendo diariamente o motivo pelo qual estava grata nesse dia. com as confusões do dia-a-dia, confesso que perdi esse hábito mas é algo que estou a retomar agora no final do ano. Estou grata por haver mais pessoas que o fazem! :))

  3. yeah :)
    eu tenho falhado na escrita diária, mas não devia!
    gosto muito da tua ideia em desenho :D eu que gosto muito dos teus desenhos, vou deliciar-me cada vez que os partilhares ;)

  4. An AMAZING idea. Read “Ten Thousand Gifts,” it’s a great book. I started a journal of thankfulness, I got to 1,000 this week. I love your drawings. :)

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