here comes the sun…

June 29, 2012

sun and salty wind. sand on our toes. so many seaguls. playing with crabs and collecting lots of shells. laughing in the water, while the tide pushed us. laying down to soak it all in under a very old parasol.

i love large beaches with few people. i love the beach when the sun starts to come down (we didn’t stay that long this time, though). i love salty skin and salty hair and that summery glow everybody gets after some hours at the beach.

4 Responses to “here comes the sun…”

  1. Rute Carla Says:

    :) lovely!

    ansiosa pelo meu 1º dia!

  2. oh me too : large beach, few people !
    thanks for the song hopefull it will bring the sun back to us here in the northern half of france where it’s like autumn again :(
    happy beach time to you. wonderful photos !

  3. Adoro a música! Infelizmente o Verão já passou :( pelo menos para mim…

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